About me: My name is Maria Zakourdaev. I have more than 10 years experience with SQL Server (starting from SQL Server 6.5). The last five years have been spent mostly on benchmarking different SQL Server features and flows, like data import, indexes impact on DML flows, star transformations in RDBMS, Hierarchic queries and custom OLAP-like aggregations. I was a speaker in the Microsoft Teched (Israel) on the SQL Server track. I am also an active member of the Israel SQL Server Group.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Statistics are saved on table level and not on partition level (both SQL 2005 & 2008

Currently table statistics and histograms are saved per table and not per table partition. Many environments that i see experience real performance degradation when migrating from view partitions to native partitions because, thanks to partition elimination, we never work on table level and always on partition level so statistics that exist only on table level give wrong estimations when data spread not equally between partitions, for instance, when some value appears a lot in one partition and only once in another, estimations for partition where the value appears once are bad. I see this behavior in both SQL 2005 and I was sure that this will be changed in SQL 2008 but the behavior stayed the same.

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